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Anxiety, or anxiety disorders, as psychiatrists call them, are presently the most common brain illnesses. Anxiety, like depression, does not discriminate based on race, gender, or socioeconomic status; anyone can get anxiety disorders. The most common type of anxiety is a social phobia or social anxiety such as performance anxiety. Many other types of anxiety disorders exist, and a thorough interview and evaluation is needed to discern which diagnosis is present so that treatment can be started.

Anxiety and depression are brain illnesses that frequently overlap.  It is believed that the circuits of the brain are overly active and sending misinformation when symptoms for a patient are overwhelming.  

Anxiety symptoms, like depression, do cause terrible individual suffering. Many cases of anxiety are complicated, like depression, because they are also associated with depression, physical illness, or pain (emotional or physical). Often the symptoms include intense fearful, obsessive, ruminative, or even nihilistic thoughts.

There is a significant lack of education in the world concerning anxiety and its treatments and therefore, there are still a number of clinicians that use benzodiazepines first line for these disorders.  This is not our practice.  We spend a lot of time taking individuals off these agents after they have seen that the medications did not improve the symptoms long-term and only created dependency, sedation, and memory problems. Unfortunately, many people are uninformed and uneducated about benzodiazepines and their negative outcomes.  There are appropriate times for these medications, but we discourage long term use of these medications.  

Like depression, Anxiety, like depression, is a brain disease that has genetic, biological, psychological, social, and spiritual causes, and, more often than not, the illness is multifactorial, meaning that many causes come together to give rise to the ultimate symptoms.  Stress can be a frequent trigger in the cascade of events within the body that leads to depression.  We treat anxiety disorders in many ways. Most treatments are biological (medications), psychological, social, and spiritual-cultural-mindful interventions to help patients who suffer get well.

Regardless of the type of anxiety or depression, we believe, as we stated above, that you can get well. Clinicians refer to this wellness as remission. Most people understand the word remission when it pertains to cancer. When doctors help cancer patients get to a cancer-free place, they call it remission. Cancer can recur, but doctors know that treating cancer to remission can help prevent a recurrence. Anxiety can be a recurrent persistent illness like Depression.  Come see us and let us help you on your path to wellness.