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Here at Neuroscience & TMS Treatment Center, we believe that you should have access to all treatment and clinical options before making any decisions to treat depression. Even though our clinic is run by some of the finest and most experienced TMS Doctors in the State, we offer and educate patients on all viable and appropriate clinical options.

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TMS Therapy, short for Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation, works by delivering painless magnetic pulses to areas of the brain responsible for regulating mood.

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TMS - Introducing a little-known therapy that uses an FDA cleared device, available since 2008 AND is transforming lives!

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TMS is an engineering marvel shown to be an effective means to stimulate the brain non-invasively. TMS is FDA cleared for the treatment of Depression and for OCD.

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Neuroscience & TMS Treatment Center started in 1996 but began offering TMS in 2011 as one of the first Clinics in the state to offer TMS in a clinical setting.

Our Medical Director wrote the book on TMS - literally! We train other TMS Doctors around the world on using TMS in their clinical practice. We have published research on TMS, and held numerous leadership positions for the Clinic TMS Society.