Become a New Patient FAQ

New Patient FAQs

Our clinicians are board-certified and extremely skilled and experienced in many areas of psychiatry.  We treat any psychiatric disorder but the following are the ones we see most commonly:   depression, treatment-resistant depression, bipolar disorders, OCD, and anxiety disorders.  In new patient intake, we offer a  very thorough evaluation which is the best way to determine and develop a long-term plan with you in our clinic. We collaborate with outside referring therapists and physicians when releases are given.  In rare cases, we may determine,  in the evaluation or ongoing care, that a particular plan exceeds the care we can offer, but if so, we provide appropriate referrals.

Private Pay and Out of Network New Patient Evaluations with the Nurse Practitioner is $395.  $175 deposit is due at the time of booking and the balance of $220 is due at the time of service. The Physician fee for the Private Pay and Out of Network New Patient Evaluation is $495.  $175 deposit is due a the time of booking and $320 at the time of service.

If you are In Network with your clinician in our office you will be responsible for your co-pay, coinsurance and/or deductible.  Contact your insurance company or visit their patient portal for specific information on your plan.   A $175 deposit is required to schedule your appointment, and we will use your deposit to offset any fees you will owe for your co-pay, coinsurance and/or deductible. If a deposit balance remains after your insurance claims have been processed, you will be refunded or credit applied to your next visit.

Contact your insurance company to see if any of our Clinicains are on your plan.  Mos tall of our clinical providers are in-network with Aetna, BCBS/Anthem, United/Optum and Cigna with the following exceptions:  Ali Self LMSW/Therapist is out of network with all plans.   The enrollment package you will receive when you complete the form below details each plan that our respective clinicians are on.  (For TMS Treatments, we work very well with all insurances, including, but not limited to Tricare, Humana, Bright Health, Beacon and others in addition to our in-network plans Aetna, United, Optum, BCBS/Anthem and Cigna.)

Unfortunately, we do not take Medicare, Medicaid or Tenncare in the office at this point.  Patients with these plans may opt to see our Nurse Practitioners as Private Pay/Out of Network (see Out Of Network costs above).  Please note if you have an Advantage plan like BCBS Advantage, that is still a Medicare Plan that we cannot accept.

After we receive your completed paperwork and deposit, we can typically get someone in to see one of our providers within a month or so, sometimes much sooner.

Our clinicians begin seeing patients as young as 18 on up to 100 years old. 

Therapy is generally $135 per follow-up session and is out of network/private pay.  The enrollment form you receive will detail exact rates and fees per clinician.

We require a $175 deposit to book your first appointment in the clinic. If you are in-network with your clinician, then we will use your deposit to offset your co-pay and deductible you may owe after your claims are processed. If you have a credit after the claims are processed, we will keep it on file for your next visit, or you may request a refund of your credit balance. If your total fees are greater than $175 then, you will owe the difference.

If you are out of network then you will pay the $175 deposit plus the balance due at the time of the visit.

If you do not show or cancel your appointment late (within 3 business days of your scheduled appointment), you will owe the full amount of the out-of-network visit as insurance will not cover no-shows or late cancellations.  

If you need to cancel, please do so with more than 3 business days’ notice to receive a full refund of your deposit. We will process your full refund the same day with proper notice.

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