TMS? What is it?

TMS is an engineering marvel shown to be an effective means to stimulate the brain non-invasively (Barker et al. 1985). It was studied for decades prior to clearance by the FDA as a safe, non-medication treatment (O’Reardon et al. 2007). In 2018, TMS was cleared for the treatment of OCD (Carmi et al. 2019). There are multiple FDA cleared protocols for delivering TMS care. During the consultation process we will determine the best care for you based upon your needs. We use FDA cleared devices and evidence based care.

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What does TMS do?

A TMS device generates a rapidly changing magnetic field which in turn creates an electrical field in the brain via electromagnetic induction. When TMS is given five days per week for many weeks, the patient can reach remission from the symptoms of depression. The current understanding is that TMS improves depression by multiple mechanisms of action; particularly entraining the brain circuitry which is ‘depressed’ (lower) in functioning.

How long will TMS take?

We treat depression in TMS patients from Nashville, Brentwood, Franklin, elsewhere in Middle TN and even KY. Most patients receive their treatment and are out of the office within 30 minutes. TMS sessions are given five times per week for 5-9 weeks; daily sessions are tapered over 3 weeks. The average number of TMS sessions is 36, however, some patients remit sooner, others take longer as was shown in the published scientific literature (Avery et al 2008; McDonald et al 2011, Yip et al 2017).

What are the statistics?

Research reports clinical TMS for depression yields 60% response and 30% remission. In our office, we optimize outcomes with clinically proven modalities which gives much higher results than even those reported in the literature by combining TMS with CBT and behavioral activation techniques like those in recent literature (Donse et al 2018). We are publishing our results from a recent poster presentation for CTMSS 2020.

We wrote the book!

Our team wrote the first TMS specific workbook to help fight depression symptoms initially for patients in our offices (Nashville, Brentwood, & Franklin). We use it with all our patients to improve outcomes, and we launched the online version in 2019, making it available for all clinicians and their patients everywhere,

Teaching other clinicians about TMS

We have been offering TMS as one of many depression treatments since 2011. We have been using our experience to train other clinicians world-wide on the use of TMS for clinical depression as part of the Clinical TMS Society’s PULSES workshop. Dr Cochran is the co-chair for the Education Committee for this organization. Look at
Our Blog for more information. We regularly are consulted from other offices because of our experience.

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